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Reflecting on the places I've been to.

  1. Road trips

    The wife got up yesterday morning early
    She then woke me up to fired eggs, bacon, sausage, gravy, fried potatoes, Toast, hot coffee and a cold glass of milk that she had put in the freezer to get really cold
    What a way to start a day off
    After we finished eating, we got ready and took off
    The day could not have been better . It was over cast and about 75 F
    We dropped the top and away we went ,staying off the interstate and traveling less traveled roads ...
  2. We love to go

    As some of you know the wife and I love to go
    We have had a Miata for several years
    We wore one out by driving it everywhere with Top down even in rain, snow and sleet
    rarely was it ever put up
    We are now retired so we have to take better care of this one
    We have made a lot of runs of 700 to 900 miles drives in 12 hours or so
    Some of these trips we would get back home just in time to shower and get to work
    Some were just to gamble in a ...
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