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In 2001 I had a tumor develop on my vocal cords
Once they got in to really look ,it was found to be attached to one and growing around the other as if it was trying to grow around both and cut them into
The removal was successful and in a few days I was back to talking as if nothing had ever been wrong
The doctors stated that it would return every six months to a year and I would have to have it removed each time
It took 14 years for it to come back
I started noticing about a year ago 2014, I felt like I needed to clear my throat more as time went by I started to loose my voice .It started to get a scratch sound and deeper
I make a trip up to the local VA hospital in April about the end of month
I was given an appointment with the ENT clinic and made it on or about the 5th of May this year
I go in and they run a scope up and down thru my nose
I was used to this from having it done years ago
I can't say it was even uncomfortable I had no problem at all
Sure enough the tumor is back but this time it is growing onto the cord and the color was a sign of concern
An appointment was made for the 11th of May to do a biopsy
We get the results back and it is what is called a non cancer cancer
This means it is cancer but is so slow moving and so contained that they do not consider it cancer
They still wanted to remove it before it did decide to become an active tumor.
There was no way of knowing if it would stay the same or something suddenly trigger it to take off and spread quickly thru out my throat
We scheduled surgery for the 11th of June and they were able to get all of it
The unfortunate part is they did chip a tooth and had to cut into one cord to get it all
I am now taking therapy to get as much voice back as possible
I have developed what is call false vocal cords and am using them instead of my real ones
Over time I will gain a lot back but never to the extent I had on the past
I have to say a lot of people complain about the VA but I have nothing but good for them
Before they did the biopsy and the surgery ,they called a committee meeting
This meeting consisted of every doctor that had treated me at VA for anything, plus all my medical records they could get from my private care and VA ,plus they called in several other doctors including nurses ,speech people and the guys that knock you out
They wanted to make sure that everything they did would not make something else worse
Not even private care doctors go to that much effort to care for you
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  1. veebot's Avatar
    I am glad that you were able to get good care at the V.A. It seems the level of care varies from region to region.

    Happy that you were able to get your treatment and are doing okay.

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  2. doc3738's Avatar
    I am just now able to see your message .
    As usual I did something wrong and thanks to DEEDEE it is fixed
    Vee you are correct a lot of people do have problems
    I have never had any major problem at all with VA
    I think the reason so many do have problems is the attitude and lack of respect and listening to doctors
    I see so many vets that come in late, are hung over from night before ,still high from a drug
    constantly complain from the time they get there, argue with the staff over and over
    The staff gets tired as well
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