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Referring new members

About referrals: you can refer people to this forum, and when they sign up - you get credit. Why refer people to GoneGambling? Well, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure that the more people participate, the more dynamic place this is. Take an active part in building YOUR community. Start referring new members today!

You gain referrals by promoting GoneGambling Forums using your unique referral link. The link you should use as your referral link is this:


Each time someone follows this link to GoneGambling Forums and registers as a new member, your referral count will be incremented by one. The number of referrals you have can be viewed in your profile.

There will be monthly prizes or rewards given to the members who have the most referrals.

Referring guidelines:

Please be courteous when promoting GoneGambling Forums by not spamming other web sites with your referral link just to gain referrals. DO NOT spam other message boards with your link. If you generate complaints, your account may be suspended. Try to bring in members you feel will either add to this community by their profound knowingness, or who will gain insights being the lost sheep that they are. Remember, this is your community, color it with members you feel you want to share this with.

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