I promised you something exciting and I believe I'm fulfilling my promise this week.

It's time for a WinADay Sweepstakes, so round up your GG's and start buying your entries. Each entry will only cost a measly one GG and with that, you could potentially win $500 in WinADay cash! Buy more entries and win even MORE WinADay cash! Not to mention, plenty of GG prizes are up for grabs.

Just don't forget, in order to win the WinADay casino cash, you must have made a minimum $50 deposit within the past 30 days PRIOR to the Sweepstakes going off. Believe me - we've had some pretty darned sad winners who received nada, zip, zilch because they forgot to make their deposit before the completion of the Sweepstakes. I'd hate to see that happen to you.