As you probably already know, each week on BigBrother, one (or sometimes more!) Houseguest will be evicted from the BigBrother House. All you have to do in the Main Game is make a pick as to who you believe will be the evicted Houseguest. A new Main Game is set up each week, following each eviction. Now here`s the cool stuff: First, it will cost you zero GG`s to play Eliminations and just for playing, you`ll pocket 200 GG`s! The 200 GG`s will hit your GG bank at the close of each weekly Eliminations - Main Game. But wait! It gets better!

If you make the accurate Eliminations pick in any given week, you`ll receive an additional 2,500 GG`s AND a notch up on the leaderboard. That leaderboard is very important, because at the end of the BigBrother season, the member (or members) who have the greatest number of Eliminations picks will walk away with 500,000 GG`s (or will split amongst tying members)!!! And remember, it won`t cost a single GG!!!!