There are a couple of new Side Games posted and they're both really cool!


This is a fun one! This season, there is a set of twins: Liz and Julia

Which twin do you think will be evicted from the Big Brother House FIRST?

Get this one right and you`ll get 5,000 GG`s! You have a 50/50 chance of getting your hands on 5,000 GG`s!!!

Remember--you`re picking the twin you believe will be tossed FIRST!

Only a few days to get your pick in, so chop-chop!


This is a big week with one of the Evicted Houseguests returning to the Big Brother House.

Which Evictee do you believe will be returning? Will it be Shelli, Jackie, Becky or????

5,000 GG`s if you get this one right!

Hurry, because you only have a few days to get your Side Game pick in!