Oh my. It looks as if a very big week is upon us with Big Brother. Could it be that the twins will finally be broken up? Or will Austin and Liz be broken up? Or???

As for last week, it was almost anti-climactic. Meg was the first to hit the door in the Double Eviction with her bestie James, following close behind. While it was a bit of a yawner, excitement-wise, it was the first week that GoneGambling members were all over the map with their Eliminations picks. Five members did manage to guess Meg would be the first Eviction, and as their reward, they've now received 2,500 GG's and a notch up the leaderboard. All other members making inaccurate Eliminations picks have scored themselves 250 GG's, just for the heck of it!

Eliminations has now been re-set for this week--get your picks in!