Cool beans. One of the twins is GONE! One less annoying whiner to have around! <yawn>

Four members accurately picked Julia to be tossed and they're now enjoying another notch up the leaderboard along with a tidy sum of 2,500 GG's! Those members who took a stab at Eliminations but picked incorrect received 250 GG's for their efforts.

Now, let's talk about this coming week, because it's gonna be tricky...

There are TWO live Evictions this week--one on Tuesday and the next on Wednesday. Because of this, you will be making TWO separate Eiiminations picks. The first pick is for Round 11, which represents Tuesday's Eviction. The next pick will be Round 12, which is for Wednesday's Eviction. Be sure to get your picks in quickly, as Eliminations for this coming week will close early in the day, Tuesday (for both Rounds).

Good luck!